Why I Ride: Amanda’s LIVESTRONG Challenge



by Amanda Adams

I was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer in February of 2014. My whole world was turned upside down with one phone call from my doctor. I was sad, scared and even angry. I have always been the one doing triathlons, eating right, taking care of myself and raising money for cancer charities, so this could not be happening to me.

So then I got into training mode and hit the ground running. I decided that I had something horrible in my life that I had no control over so all of the negative things in my life had to go. I opted for a double mastectomy even though a lumpectomy was an option. It turned out to be the best decision because when they removed the tissue they discovered the cancer was much worse and had spread all over my breasts.

After a very difficult year and a half of treatment including 5 surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, I can truly say that I have come out on the other side of this a much better person with a healthier outlook on life.

The reason the LIVESTRONG Challenge Ride is so important to me is that my Dad and I have been riding together for years and were training for the MS150 when I was diagnosed. This ride will be our first ride together since my diagnosis and will be even more special now that I am cancer free!

Join Amanda and her Dad at the 2015 LIVESTRONG Austin Challenge on October 18. The registration fee goes up on Oct 1, so don’t delay: REGISTER NOW